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Unity and Protection

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Jesus makes it clear that as His disciples we are no longer of this world but belong to Him and the heavenly realms.  In this human form we are in the world not but our true and eternal home is not here on this earth.  Yet in our time here we are called to be in ministry to one another and to stand strong for our faith when Satan comes to drag us down.

The prayer that Jesus prays for His disciples is a prayer for each of us as well.  Jesus knew that this struggle to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth would go on for generations and generations so He was and is praying for us and future disciples as well.

Jesus first asked God for unity amongst His disciples.  In the time of the prayer the disciples faced strong opposition both from the Jews and the Romans.  The first church was a small band that really needed to stick together.  Today we continue to face many challenges from the culture and world around us.  True disciples are a minority even within some churches.  We too need to be united as the body of Christ; together we are strong.

Jesus also prayed for protection for His disciples.  It is so easy to give in to the things of this world, to give in to the pressure, to believe the evil one’s lies.  Jesus knew firsthand the evil one’s temptations and He prays for us because He knows that Satan does not go away.  In the trials, lean into Jesus.  Know that He too never goes away.  Jesus is always by our side, right until the end of the age.  Amen.

Scripture reference: John 17: 6-16


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