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A Wonderful Presence

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Jesus described the Holy Spirit using the Greek word parakletos, which means one who stands beside.  It is a comforting image.  The Bible translates the idea of the Holy Spirit using words such as comforter, friend, advocate, helper.  Also nice images.  In Romans 8 we are told that the Holy Spirit continually prays for us in groans and words beyond our understanding.  Jesus told the disciples that the Holy Spirit would come after Jesus departed and would be the living presence of the risen Christ in each of them.  All of this is wonderful!

Yet there is another aspect of the Holy Spirit, equally wonderful.  Jesus also told the disciples that the Holy Spirit would remind them of His teachings, would bring insights and understandings to their minds, and would convict them.  The Holy Spirit works in the lives of the believers much like a loving parent in the lives of one’s children.  It reminds us of what Jesus would do in a situation and, therefore leads us to do the same.  The Spirit also convicts us of sin when needed, reveals us what righteousness looks like, and walks the fine line of judgment with us, keeping us on the right side.

The Holy Spirit is a wonderful presence in us.  It is unique in that not only does it remind us of the WWJD framework in which we should live but also corrects and realigns us as needed.  In playing both sides of this equation, the Holy Spirit really works to make us the best example of Christ that we can be.  Come Holy Spirit, come.  Dwell in me, teach me, mold me, guide me.  Come Holy Spirit, come!

Scripture reference: John 15: 26-27 and 16: 4b-15

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