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With or Against?

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Today, a unique angle on Pentecost.  Paul reminds us in Romans 8 that all of creation groans as it awaits God’s redemption.  Just as humanity is, creation is in a constant cycle of life – birth, growth, decay, death.  Just as with humans, the Spirit seeks to breathe life into all of the life cycle of the earth and the creatures of the earth.

Parts of our earth are in bad shape.  As the people tasked with the stewardship of the earth, sometimes we do not do so well.  People who are “connected” to the earth speak of hearing it cry, of feeling the pain of the earth over how we have exploited the earth, its creatures, its resources.  All too often we are a part of these processes that have negative impacts upon the earth.

Pentecost is about the way God breathes new life into the believers.  It is also about how the Spirit seeks to breathe new life into the earth.  The Spirit wants to bring healing to the earth, to heal all of the scars and brokenness.  God will never abandon the earth.  He seeks to bring redemption and healing to all of creation.  God calls for our participation as stewards of this place.

Two main questions.  One: can you hear the earth crying?  If so, what is our response?  If not, how have we gotten so far from the role God called us to?  Two: will God save creation from us or with us?  Make no mistake, He will redeem all of creation.  Are we with Him or against Him?

Scripture references: Psalm 104: 24-35 and Romans 8: 18-23


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