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Human Yet Spirit

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One thing we all have together is our humanity.  God created each human being for a greater purpose than simply living out our earthly years.  In the life of every person is also an inner light that comes from our creator.  Working within all of us are also the desires of the flesh.  Paul often writes of this struggle that wages inside every human being.

All of us live within a human body and therefore face human desires.  God and our faith provide us with a framework within which we decide to do or not to do certain things.  Some are good and should be pursued.  Some are harmful and should be avoided.  This same concept is true for the non-believer, except their ‘filter’ is just not at the same place as a Christian’s is.

All of us also have the same inner light that our Creator placed in each us.  As with the things of the flesh, if we acknowledge and ‘feed’ the Spirit within us, then it grows.  If one chooses to ignore it and push it down, life is lived differently as all one has left is this body.  As we feed and allow the Spirit to have  more control of our life, our filter shifts.  What we did not see as sin before we begin to question.  As we grow closer and closer to Christ, we seek His perfectionmore and more.  While we will never attain perfection, others come to notice our faith more and more.   May our light shine so that God maybe glorified and so that others may come to know our Christ.

Scripture reference: Romans 8: 12-13


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