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Our faith is not something we just suddenly had.  We did not just wake up one morning as a Christian.  Inside each human being, created by God, is an inherent knowledge of God and a sense of His presence in us and in the created world.  But all the stories of Noah, Moses, David, Jesus – they had to be taught to us.  We had to learn how to sing and pray and study God’s word.

For many of us we learned these things from our families.  Some aspects of faith we learned from our personal families.  We saw Mom up early every morning reading her Bible and praying.  We said grace before every meal, whether at home or out at a restaurant.  Other aspects of our faith we learned from our church families.  We heard the stories in Sunday school, we went to church camp or VBS (Vacation Bible School), we were in worship.  Both families are so important in the development and growth of our faith.

But what about all the people who did not grow up in a family that practiced the faith?  How do they come to know God?  Do they even have a chance?

Of course they do.  They have us!  Just as both of our families have poured into us, so too we can pour into others.  Paul writes of being adopted into the family of God and becoming heirs with Christ.  There is no birth right.  All are invited.  Just as much as we want our own children to grow up to have a personal relationship with Christ, we should want this just as much for the stranger we meet.  Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life.  He is the only way to God the father and eternal life.  Today, share your story of faith.  Introduce Jesus to someone He does not know yet!

Scripture reference: Romans 8: 14-17


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