Thoughts and musings on faith and our mighty God!

With Abandon

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When we choose Christ we become a new creation.  We choose to set aside our old ways and to walk a new path.  The old self dies and we are born again a whole new creation.  Wonderful as this is, there is better news: God is not done with us.  And there is better news still: He is never done with us!

As this new creation in Christ develops, we need some guidance and nourishment.  We find this in His Word.  This is both the Bible and the Holy Spirit, both of which speak into our lives.  God’s Word is living and active.  God’s Word is full of meaning for us and for our lives.

The Bible is past, present, and future.  In it we find what was.  These roots of our faith are important.  They are the sustainers of our faith.  The past ties to the present in the form of Jesus.  He is the living example of God’s love.  Through Him we have the Holy Spirit dwelling in us, keeping Jesus Christ very much in the present.  In the Word we also find promises.  These promises help us in the present by giving us encouragement and support.  In them we also see into those things eternal life brings.

This new creation that we become is one filled with love, hope, and enthusiasm for God, Jesus, and one another.  May we live with abandon for our Jesus, who was and is and will always be.

Scripture reference: 2 Corinthians 5: 11-17


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