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Trust It to God

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The seed we scatter falls to the ground and rests in the soil.  We know that with some sun and water seeds sprout and new life is born.  Yet not all seed sprouts, some remains and dissolves into the soil.  That moment though, when the first green pokes up, is one of excitement.  It is also one of mystery.

As we live out our lives we also plant seeds of faith.  Whether through word, deed, or action, God is revealed in and through us.  And much like the seeds planted in the garden or field, these little seeds of faith need nourishment as well.  Some of the seeds we offer will sprout up too and we will be so happy to see another beginning new life in Jesus Christ.  In this is also a mystery.  We cannot understand here either what causes that new life to begin.  We cannot because it is God’s kingdom being grown, not ours.  The faith mystery belongs to God alone.

Our role in His kingdom was defined by His Son: go and make disciples.  Although we do not understand this mystery of faith, we do have our role.  We are called to go forth, to share the good news of Jesus Christ, and to teach new believers God’s ways.  This is the nourishment piece.

We are called to faithfully sow seeds and to trust in God to take it from there.  In this we can trust it to God and know that seeds will sprout.  Other seed may not sprout right away, but God continues to work in these fields too.  He may even send us back again and again to bear witness.  Be faithful.  Share the faith.  The seeds will grow.

Scripture reference: Mark 4: 26-34


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