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Facing Our Enemies

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The Philistines gathered up a large army to do battle with Israel.  They were longtime adversaries.  The Philistines assembled all of their troops to do battle.  Surely Israel must respond.  Emotions running from fear to anger, from insecurity to valor must have been running through Israel’s common psyche.  Often each side assumes victory but one does not truly know until the battle has been fought.

In our lives we too face things that gather on the borders.  Things we fear or dread can sometimes be seen coming and we can watch the trouble brewing.  Sometimes trouble is a recurring issue.  It can be with a person at work or school or it can be with a thing such as alcohol or pornography.  In our bones and in our hearts we can sense these ‘enemies’ drawing near.

These familiar problems or common heartaches can cause fear and intimidation.  They can even be paralyzing at times.  Some days we just know what lies ahead at school or work and we just want to stay in bed!  Our ‘enemies’ can make us fearful, anxious, discouraged, …

But before we give into our fears, before we surrender before the battle has even begun, let us remember who is on our side.  Our ally comes with promises to never fail us, to always love us, to never forsake us, and to always be present in our lives.  Our God is a mighty God.  No enemy can stand against Him.  He is on our side.  Call on Him.  Feel His strength inside of you.  At the name of Jesus every knee shall bow, even the enemy.

Scripture reference: 1 Samuel 17: 1a

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