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Has Been All Along

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Jesus and the disciples set out across the lake in a boat at night.  It is hard to see and to read the sky at night.  A storm suddenly began and soon the disciples were fearing for their lives.  And Jesus was asleep.

Life can be routine.  We can go to work day after day.  Weekends come and go but don’t seem to really interrupt the routine.  They are just part of it.  Life is just moving along and suddenly there is a storm.  It seems to come out of nowhere and takes us by surprise.  We had been walking along, as if in the dark.  We call out to Jesus but realize that maybe we’ve let Him slip out of our daily life.  That matters not to Him.  He is right there.  Has been all along.

When the disciples woke Jesus because their fears had conquered them, He did not throw them overboard.  He realized their fear and rebuked the storm.  Immediate calm.  After giving them what I imagine was just enough time to take in what just happened, He turns to them.  In essence He asks, “After all this time, still no faith?”

When the storms of life suddenly blind side us, we flail and reach for Jesus.  In our minds we may even wonder how He could let this happen.  I don’t want to know what is on His mind.  Maybe His first question to us would be, “Where ya been?”  Truth be told, our faith waivers a lot.  In the trials we definitely think we need Jesus.  But He knows better.  That is why He is always right there.  And that is why He has been all along.  Thanks Jesus!

Scripture reference: Mark 4: 35-41


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