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Inside Out

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David has come a long way since Samuel first anointed him.  He is now thirty as the leaders of the tribes of Israel come to him to ask him to be their king.  This boy who was filled with God’s Spirit at his anointing has grown up.  The results of those seeds planted long ago have blossomed and all can see that David is a leader after God’s own heart.  What only God saw inside David all those years ago is now plain for all to see on David’s outside.

David has two main characteristics that are plain to see now.  First, he is still a shepherd.  Now he is caring for the flock of Israel and is protecting their well-being.  He is a mighty warrior and leader but still possesses that shepherd’s heart.  Second, he is bonded to God and this leads the people to be bonded to God as well.  David lives out this covenant relationship and takes the flock along on this journey also.

As Christians we too can be filled with the Spirit.  Once we invite Jesus into our lives and begin to seek to follow His example, the same Spirit that filled David will begin to work in our hearts.  God will plant seeds in us that will grow as continue on our journey of faith.  These seeds will come to bear fruit if we continue to nourish and develop our faith as we seek God with all of our heart as well.

Just as with David, these inward seeds will grow to be manifest in our outside life.  Over time love, compassion, and courage will grow inside of us.  People will come to see what God has seen in us al along.  Over time our lives become a living witness to those all around us.  In turn we help the Spirit to begin planting seeds in other’s lives.  Thanks be to God for our role in His kingdom work!

Scripture reference: 2 Samuel 5: 1-5 and 9-10

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