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Clean Hands, Pure Heart

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The whole earth and all that is in it belong to God, the creator.  Psalm 24 beings by stating God’s claim to rule over all He made.  For us, as a people of God, His claim has significance and importance.  There are implications both personal and communal.

On a personal level the Lord is seeking those with clean hands and a pure heart.  To live with clean hands is to live a life of integrity.  It is a life that seeks to do good, to do no evil, and to honor God in all we do and say.  To live with a pure heart is to place God as Lord of our life.  We bow to no other god or idol – not to power or position or authority or jealousy or greed…

Psalm 24 also calls for us to open the gates of the city, to invite God in.  This means praying for God to be a part of our communities.  For example, a group of ministers from around our city gathered at a high place yesterday and prayed over our community.  It was a powerful experience to look down over our city and to pray for God’s presence to be made known.  We all can join together in our churches to pray for His presence to be in our churches and in our communities.

When we live with clean hands and a pure heart, we are blessed by God.  We proclaim His goodness and bring Him glory through our lives.  In doing so we help to manifest God’s rule over the whole earth.  This is how we shine the light for all to see.  In all we do, may we bring God the honor and glory that He is due.

Scripture reference: Psalm 24


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