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The Anys

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Jesus always seemed to be at home.  He felt as comfortable with the sinners as with the religious leaders.  He was as at home in the synagogue as He was in the house of a tax collector.  He had no place to truly call home, but Jesus always seemed to find a place of rest each night.

Jesus felt comfortable anywhere, anyplace, and with anyone because His first mode of interaction was always love.  No matter what the scenario or crowd or experience, live was always Jesus’ first choice.  Sometimes there was a bit of an edge to the love, but it was always followed closely by compassion, mercy, grace, forgiveness, and more love.

Because of the total access Jesus provided and because of the way in which all were received and treated, any and all came to Him.  It seems as if Jesus was always in demand, always in the middle of the action, always being sought out.  Imagine if our churches were placed like this.  What would it take?

For the church to be a place like this, we would need to be full of people like Jesus.  We would need to accept all comers with love, mercy, compassion, grace, forgiveness, and, of course, with more love.  We would need to be willing to enter into both the ugliness and beauty of life to walk with others in and through all life brings.  But wouldn’t it be a beautiful place?

Scripture reference: Mark 6: 30-34 & 53-56


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