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Trust It to the Spirit

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We are called to give ourselves as a “fragrant offering” as we live out a life of love.  The scriptures call us to love and give of ourselves as Jesus did.  As I think of what this means, my mind comes to the Christ who accepted all.  He took all comers no matter their station in life of the condition of their soul.  Whomever Jesus crossed paths with, He loved and gave of himself.

But, to be honest, sometimes I struggle with who God puts before me.  In some cases I judge too quickly and that makes it hard for me to fully hear their story and to then offer all I can.  In other cases I feel inadequate to offer anything because the situation seems so overwhelming and daunting.  It can be hard to engage when my limited faith leads me to feel I am an insignificant, small part of a solution.

I must remember that our hope and life is tied to God.  Nothing is dependant on me.  God is a god that can do anything.  Our God is love unending and life eternal.  When we offer ourselves, fully believing these truths, then we too can be a fragrant offering to all we meet.  We must faithfully offer all that we can when we can and trust the rest to the work of the Holy Spirit.

Even Jesus did not have instant success all the time.  The rich young man walked away.  Maybe the Holy Spirit continued to roll Jesus’ words around in his heart and maybe he changed.  He healed ten lepers and only one returned to offer thanks.  It took Nicodemus a late night visit and some time but eventually he came to believe in Jesus.  Many of his fellow Pharisees did not.  We will encounter people just like all of these.  Their conversion is not in our hands.  In all cases we must love and offer of ourselves.  Our God is big.  No one is beyond His reach.  We must do as we can and trust the rest to the work of the Holy Spirit and to God.

Scripture reference: Ephesians 5: 1-2


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