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Wisdom and God

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Wisdom calls out to all people in all segments of society from rich to poor.  To live without wisdom is a much easier way to live.  Living a life that is simple, that enjoys life is sometimes seen as more fun and more carefree than a life that seeks and pursues wisdom.

Wisdom in Proverbs is fear of the Lord.  It is often misrepresented, the idea of having fear of the Lord.  To fear the Lord is not the same as a fear of spiders or a fear of heights.  These come across as aversions whereas a fear of the Lord has a certain and palpable draw to it.  To fear the Lord is more to live in reverence of God.  It is to live life in such a way as to have a deep respect for God in all of the decisions we make.

The writer in Proverbs implies that wisdom will turn its back on those who rejected and ignored her words and pleas.  The writer is implying that the path to God will become closed at some point.  But this is not the way of God revealed in Jesus.  Jesus took all comers no matter where they are in life or where they have been.  Fools lost in love with money, prostitutes trapped in that lifestyle, tax collectors skimming off the top, and many more all came and found love and words of wisdom in the words of Jesus.

In the end Proverbs balances the consequences of avoiding God with the rewards of listening to God.  The writer implies that those who choose God choose security and contentment.  The promise is life without dread of disaster.  It is not a promise of a rosy life or life without trials.  It is a life of security and trust in God.  It is a promise with an eternal future and a living presence in life’s trials.

Scripture reference: Proverbs 1: 20-33

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