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When Necessary…

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Have you ever had a “God moment” when you did not expect it?  In a place you did not expect it?  Both?  In your own Christian witness, have you shared your faith with another in an unusual circumstance?

A few weeks ago at Praise Team practice I was touched and moved by a fellow members care, concern, and power of observation.  It had been a busier couple of weeks than normal.  She noted in a deeply loving way that I seemed tired, that I did not have my usual ‘bounce’ as she put it.  In that moment it was as if God was sending me a message.  The divine was brought in by a simple observation by a good friend.

At times, we too can share God.  Although simple, one of my favorites is the idea of offering to pray for the stranger.  If the checker at the store seems a bit frazzled, offer to pray for him or her.  If a homeless man asks for some money, give and then ask if you can pray for him.  This simple act of prayer says I love you, God loves you.

The disciples were bothered by an outsider healing people of their demon possession.  Jesus said, in essence, ‘Silly men, whoever is not against us is for us.’  He went on to explain that all done in His name merits reward, even something as simple as giving another a cup of water in His name.

We are all asked by God to make a positive difference in the world.  He desires to use unlikely people in unusual circumstances to accomplish His will.  We are each unlikely.  The question is: do we see and hear well enough to catch the opportunities that God places before us?  Holy Spirit, whisper to me and nudge me to be used by God.  When necessary, shout and shove.

Scripture reference: Mark 9: 38-41

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