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Faithful Trust

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Love and faith seem to conquer fear.  Isaiah writes, “I will trust and will not be afraid.”  There is an implication here that we can simply choose to not feel fear by placing our trust in God.  If you follow this logic out, we get to a place where fear and faith are almost opposites.  For some, this raises the question: does having fear exhibit a lack of faith?

To me fear is an emotion.  It is our natural reaction to coming upon a snake in the tall grass.  But it is also our concern or worry about having enough money or whether or not we will get into the ‘right’ school.  Like all emotions, we cannot banish fear or worry.  But we can choose what to do with them and how much power we will allow them to have.

In this discussion then, faith is an action or a verb.  When we feel fear or worry we can choose to engage or employ our faith.  Like the Israelites in exile, they could place their trust in God and live this way, or they could allow fear to rule.  In faith we too can choose the saving power and authority of God.

When we choose to be faithful, we can see and experience the Spirit’s power and presence in our lives.  In faith we can face our fears or even the unknown and know that God is our hope, our salvation, our rock.  In belief and with faith, we know that no matter what, God is for us and will remain present to us.  We can live with His promise: fear not, I am with you.

Scripture reference: Isaiah 12: 2-6


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