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Cloud of Witness

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Peter, James, and John experience something amazing as Jesus, in transformed state, stands and talks with Moses and Elijah.  For these onlookers, they would have readily identified with the two guests.  Moses and Elijah are two of the great icons of the Hebrew faith.  Peter, James, and John would have grown up listening to stories of how  Moses led the people out of slavery and of how Elijah spoke out boldly.  Both men were (and are) shining examples of how God works through the faithful.

And just when it doesn’t seem like it could get any better, Peter, James, and John are enveloped by a cloud.  Within the cloud is God’s presence.  The three disciples hear God speak as He claims Jesus as His Son and then instructs them to listen to Jesus.  How could the day get any better?!

Perhaps the writer of Hebrews used this story for inspiration as they coined the phrase, ” great cloud of witness”.   In the words of God, spoken from the cloud, we certainly hear Him witness to who Jesus is.  In a similar way, Moses and Elijah are two men who witnessed to their faith in great ways.  Their faith certainly led to eternity in God’s presence up in the heavens.

The idea of a great cloud of witness ties in the faithful since the beginning to the faithful today.  The example and witness of all who have gone before guides us today.  In many ways, their story becomes part of our story.  It is all part of a great legacy.

So the question for us today is this: are we living out our faith and witnessing to others in such a way that we one day will become part of this great cloud of witness?  Ponder it.  Wrestle with the question.  May we each live our faith out in ways that witness to Christ and that builds His kingdom here on earth.

Scripture reference:  Luke 9: 28-34


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