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Reading: Philippians 3: 18-19

To live in our society and culture, it takes a great deal of self-discipline to stay on the path Jesus calls us to.  In order to live as the person God calls us to be, we must live in a way that is faithful to our role as follower of Christ.  In order to do this, we must practice the things that draw us to following Him.

Paul refers to those who are living self-indulgent lives as “enemies of the cross”.  This is a bold term.  But it is an accurate statement as well.  In Matthew 12 Jesus states that if we are not for Him, then we are against Him.  From Jesus’ point of view there is no middle ground.  Yet in reality, this is most often where we try to live.

The practice of spiritual disciplines is where we begin to prepare ourselves to live as citizens of heaven.  For us to live as God desires, we have to know what that means.  First of all, it means being in the Word.  It means cracking open our Bibles every day and reflecting on His Word.  This needs to be a systematic approach.  Whether it means using a devotional or a reading plan or simply starting on page 1 and reading through to the end does not matter.  But we must read our Bibles daily and study and digest the Word.  To do so daily with intentionality requires discipline and commitment.

We cannot live as “enemies of the cross” and be in the Word daily.  When self-indulgence rears up, we must say “Away from me Satan”!  One more hour of TV, games, or online…?  Hit the snooze button again…?  Just catch up tomorrow…?  I’ll just read it later…?  No, no, no, and NO!  May each of our days be centered in the Word.  May we allow Jesus Christ to grow to be the Lord of our life!


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