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Clothed with Power

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Reading: Luke 24: 44-53

Spending time in the Bible, reading and meditating and studying, is important in developing our faith.  It is important in developing our relationship with Jesus and in understanding our call to discipleship.  In the Bible we find not only great examples of personal discipleship in the faithful such as Abraham and Ruth, but we also find great examples of public discipleship in the faithful such as Paul and Peter.

If we choose to call Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, then we too must follow both the personal and the public call to witness to our faith.  After His death and resurrection Jesus spent time teaching and building up the disciples so that they would be prepared to go forth.  He unpacked the scriptures for them so that they fully understood Jesus’ role as the fulfillment of the Old Testament.  They had no doubt that He was the Word made flesh, that He was the alpha and omega, that He was the king of kings, that He was God’s Son, and that He was the only way to eternal life.

It was this knowledge and faith and belief that filled the disciples with confidence.  They eagerly awaited the coming of the Holy Spirit as they returned to Jerusalem.  There was a new hope and excitement in them as they anticipated being ‘clothed with power from on high’.  Jesus had packed them full of tools, knowledge, and faith so that when the Spirit came upon them, they would be ready to witness to the ends of the earth.

Daily we too can meet Jesus to fill ourselves with the tools, knowledge, and faith.  In our Bibles we find all we need to grow in our personal discipleship and to go forth to offer our public discipleship. Once we invite the Holy Spirit to dwell in us and to lead and guide us, we too will be clothed with power from on high, ready to  be His light and love in our world.


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