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Reading: Luke 13: 10-13

Many people live with pain.  For some, it is related to life.  Some live in pain from a sport or activity that they participated in.  Some live in pain from an accident they were involved in.  For others, they live with pain that cannot be traced back to an event or activity, but simply started one day and has persisted.  For many, either the pain is not serious enough to warrant surgery or medical relief is delayed for a number of reasons.  In any event, many people live with pain over a prolonged period of time.

People become accustomed to living with pain.  It is part of life.  But it can affect our personality and outlook on life.  There are times when the pain is worse than normal and it makes all of life darker and gloomier.  Some have found the grace and strength to rise above the pain, but for many it is a daily struggle.

We all know people who live with chronic pain or perhaps we do ourselves.  So we can relate to the woman in today’s passage.  She has lived with pain for 18 years.  To put it in perspective, she has been vent over, unable to straighten up, for 6,570 days.  If she is like us, she has been to every doctor she could find.  She has been to the priest.  She has offered sacrifices.  She has tried to make deals with God.  And then one day at the temple a man calls her over.  He simply says, “Woman, you are set free from your infirmity”.  He touches her and she is immediately healed.  Life changing.

For each of us, when healing comes, it is often a mystery.  Whether a physical, emotional, or spiritual healing, often it is a mystery why we are suddenly better.  The pain or blue feeling or lostness is suddenly gone.  We may not understand but we rejoice and give thanks to God.  God has come to us and touched us too.  God continues to desire to come to us, to bring healing, to be with us in our time of need.  When in any form of pain or hurt, we must take it to God.  At a minimum God will give us the grace and strength we need to love and live the life we have.  At best, we are set free.  Turn to the healer.  Trust in the healer.  Allow God to change your life.


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