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Reading: 2 Timothy 2: 8-15

At times in life things can get ahold of out attention or focus and can dominate our thoughts.  Sometimes they are good things like that new baby a young couple just had.  Their mind drifts to the new baby when they are at work and when they are with the baby they cannot think of anything else.  Sometimes things like whether or not we will get the job we just interviewed for or the failing health of a loved one can dominate our focus and our thoughts.

For Paul, his singular focus was Jesus Christ.  Nothing else really mattered to him.  After Paul encountered Jesus on that road to Damascus, Jesus was his all in all.  Whether Paul was in plenty or in want, Jesus was his focus.  Whether Paul was in chains or freely wandering the city, Jesus was his focus.  Whether Paul was preaching to the crowd or talking quietly with Timothy, Jesus was his focus.  Paul understood the promise of salvation through Jesus Christ alone and he firmly held onto this promise.  It became the main focus of what he wanted to share with all he met.  Paul wanted all people to have a personal relationship with Jesus.  He saw no barriers to this for anyone except the person’s individual refusal so Paul worked tirelessly to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We too are called to have this same focus – to always have Jesus Christ as our focus.  In the way we live our life, in the words we speak, in the actions we take, in the things we refrain from, in the times we reach out to the needy and the lost – in all things we must share Jesus with others.  Through us others must see and feel and come to know Jesus’ love and the promise of salvation found in Jesus alone.  May we be all in for Jesus each day so that all may be in one day.


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