Thoughts and musings on faith and our mighty God!


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Reading: 2 Timothy 2: 8-15

Paul accepts his physical reality but lives into his eternal reality.  He is a prisoner in chains, suffering in the way because of his faith.  He could fall into despair or depression.  He could as easily just give up.  He could blame God for the circumstances he finds himself in.  Paul does not do any of these things.  In fact, he willingly accepts the situation and simply continues to do all he can for God so that others “may obtain the salvation that is in Christ Jesus”.  God always comes first for Paul, is always the focus.

At times we too are so filled with God that our surroundings or the little obstacles that come up aren’t even speed bumps to our completing what God has laid upon our hearts.  We are full steam ahead in our work for God.  The work is meaningful and impactful and lives are being changed.  We look ahead, eager to continue to do the work of faith, ready for whatever God brings next.  I often experience this scenario after a mission trip or after an event such as a rally where God touches lives and new believers are ‘on fire’ for God.

But I am not Paul.  I return and soon enough everyday matters – work, family, chores, … – demand my attention.  They are good and worthy matters and deserve my attention, but they consume my time and drain my enthusiasm for that next thing that God has in store.  I fall into the routine of everyday life and that ‘full steam ahead’ feeling is lost.  It is in this mode of life that the speed bumps can feel like mountains.  Yet God is faithful.  If I am willing and if I keep my eyes open and my heart sensitive, God always leads me to the next opportunity to serve or to meet a need or to help someone come to know Jesus Christ.  God is faithful.  God will use us over and over and over again if we are faithful and obedient.  Lord, make me faithful and obedient always.  Lord, use me.


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