Thoughts and musings on faith and our mighty God!


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Reading: Psalm 65: 1-8

What a beautiful work we find in Psalm 65.  Read it slowly.  Let the words form meaning in your heart.  It speaks of how we praise our God who hears our prayers and forgives our transgressions.  It speaks of the blessedness of being chosen by God and the way we experience the good things of life with God.  It speaks of the hope we find in God’s righteous deeds and in God’s power.  It speaks of how the morning dawn calls forth songs of joy.

We find salvation, hope, strength, and joy in God alone.  We find all of this through a personal relationship with God.  In our personal relationship with God we find the salvation of our souls.  Through the power and blood of Jesus Christ we are made new every morning as we are washed clean from our transgressions.  In our personal relationship we find a God who hears our prayers, who has plans for our good, not for our harm.  In our personal relationship with God we many blessings.  True, some may be physical, but most are spiritual.  The goods things we experience are peace, comfort, and strength in the trials and joy, contentment, and happiness in the every day.

All if this indeed calls forth our praise!  Today may we praise the Lord our God for the many ways we will experience God in our lives.


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