Thoughts and musings on faith and our mighty God!

Rejoice and Give Thanks

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Reading: Isaiah 35: 1-10

Isaiah 35 opens with a blossom coming forth in the wilderness.  This burst of life brings joy and rejoicing.  In it one sees the power and the glory of God.  As we begin today, where has God blossomed lately in your life?  Rejoice and give thanks!

Isaiah encourages those with feeble hands and weak knees, saying “Be strong, do not fear.  Your God will come”.  In our times in the wilderness, when we are weak – this is a good reminder.  Our God will come; we do not need to be afraid.  We know that “he will come and save you”.  It is a promise.  Rejoice and give thanks!

God will heal the blind, the lame, the deaf, and the mute.  Water will gush forth in the wilderness.  Life will grow in these formerly dry lands.  And God will make a way.  God will lead the people out of the wilderness and along a path that will enter Zion.  Gladness and joy will overtake us.  Rejoice and give thanks!

All this is a gift from God.  All of this from a God who continually calls to us, who constantly offers us mercy and grace and forgiveness, and who loves us forever.  What a mighty God we serve!  Rejoice and give thanks!

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