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Law, Love

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Reading: Psalm 119: 33-40

The psalmist writes of the joy of the law, of life lived in the pursuit of understanding God’s laws.  For the Israelites, living under God and pursuing the ways of God was the purpose of existence.  In the correct sense, the law reveals who God is and what God is like.  The first laws given, the ten commandments, were all about relationship.  The first part deals with our relationship with God and the second part deals with our relationship with each other.  All of the law added by God since these first ten still focused on these two relationships.  So to pursue God is to follow the law.  To love your fellow man is to follow the law.

Jesus came not to abolish the law or to change the relationships, but to fulfill the law.  He came to show us how to properly live out the law.  Much as the psalmist speaks of delighting in the law and finding healing and peace in the law, as Jesus lived out the law, He too brought peace and healing.  Life according to the law was life-giving for the Israelites.  This was always God’s intent.  To bring mankind back to this intent, God sent Jesus to perfect the law.  Jesus did so by returning to the original intent – living in a holy relationship with God and in a loving relationship with each other.

Just as the psalmist longed to understand the law and to obey it in his heart, we too seek to know Christ and to have Him live in our heart.  In this way we live in a right relationship with God and with one another.  As we study, read about, meditate on, and experience Jesus, may we too come to understand what it means to love as Christ loved God and as Christ first loved us.


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