Thoughts and musings on faith and our mighty God!

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Trust in God

Reading: Genesis 15: 1-12 & 17-18

Verse 18: “On that day the Lord made a covenant with Abram”.

Abram has led a pretty good life. Yes, he has left the place he grew up and headed off to an unknown land, having some times of testing along the way. But God has clearly been with him. By his day’s standards, Abram is very well off. Most people live a very basic life – trying to grow or raise enough just to get by. Abram has large flocks and herds, lots of servants. But he is missing one key sign of God’s blessings: children. Perhaps you can relate. Life is really good overall, but you’re still missing one key thing.

For Abram it casts a shadow over all of the other blessings. Maybe that one thing in your life does that as well. Then God shows up and reiterates the promise of children for Abram – and not just a child, but many, many descendants. He is well along in years and his wife, Sarai, is far past her child-bearing years. This thing that God is saying would sound impossible to almost anyone – probably to all of us. Yet Abram believes God. He believes in a God that can do anything, even the seemingly impossible. Most of us think God can do anything, but do we really believe it deep in our hearts? That is the question.

Abram does and God takes the next step. God pledges to give them land too. Not only some children and descendants, but a land for them to live in too. What an awesome God. God seals it by partaking in a sacrifice and by making a covenant with Abram. A covenant is a “no matter what” promise. God will keep His end of the arrangement no matter what. As human beings, we enter a marriage covenant with the same intent. Marriage is our best earthly example of “I’ll love you no matter what”.

What is that one thing you long for? In spite of life being pretty good, what seems to be missing? Give your desire up to God, plead your case. Pour out your heart. Bring it to the God who really, really can do anything. Trust in God’s providence and in God’s love for you. Take it to God in prayer.

Prayer: Lord God, you are an amazing God. Lead me through these uncertain waters. Show me the way that is pleasing to you. Amen.

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Hear Him Calling?

Abraham, Israel’s founding father, is a great example of faith.  He is counted as ‘righteous’ by God.  But in Genesis 12 we encounter a young Abraham.  He was only 75 years old when God called him to pack up and move to a foreign land.  Comfortably living with his father in Haran, Abram hears God’s call to move.  So Abram packs up his wife Sarai and Lot and hits the road.  He seems pretty faithful, pretty trusting in God.  As he leaves, he leaves with God’s words on his mind – you will be blessed, made into a great nation.  God will curse people who curse Abram.

But soon after they leave, Abram falters.  A famine forces them to Egypt and here, in the midst of a powerful people he fears for his life – Sarai’s beauty will attract them and Abram fears they will kill him to have Sarai.  So he tells the Egyptians that she is his sister.  Not exactly honoring his wife.  But God intervenes and sends plagues that force out the truth and they are sent on their way.  I wonder why God intervened. I wonder why He just didn’t move on to finding someone else to found the nation.  But perhaps He saw the potential in Abram.  Perhaps God knew that one day Abraham would be willing to sacrifice his only son Isaac on the altar.  Seems God knew what He was doing!

In reality we too are like Abram – full of potential but needing a little polish and elbow grease.  Ready to serve but stumbling now and then.  And Abram’s God is our God too.  He is always calling us along, loving on us as we grow.  God can see in each of us what we can become.  He can see in each of us just where we will best fit into His kingdom.   And we, like Abram, need to be willing to step out in faith, knowing that He will be there right beside us, helping us to do His will in our worlds.  Can you hear Him calling?