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Praise His Holy Name!

There are many ways to worship God.  It can be in song, lifting our voices in praise and adoration.  It can be found in reading and meditating on His Word.  It can be found in our prayers to our God.  It can be found in dance or a movement offered to God.

There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to worship our creator.  Music, for example, can vary widely.  It can be a pure and simple as a group of monks chanting a psalm.  It can be a wonderful hymn sung only with voices.  It can be a talented choir accompanied by a powerful organ.  It can be a praise team with guitars, drums, keyboards, and vocals.  It can be a single person walking along the beach humming a tune.

All of our worship is pleasing to the Almighty.  In tune or out of tune, in rhythm or not – when we connect with God and offer Him our praise and adoration, He is pleased.

Worship also lifts us up.  There are physical and emotional benefits to singing.  We are made stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually when we worship our heavenly Father.  So, today sing a song.  Hum a tune.  Draw close to our Lord and He will draw close to you.

Scripture reference: Psalm 29: 1-2 and 11