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He Is Risen!

Let us rejoice – He is risen!  All hope seemed lost but hope has returned forever.  Mary Magdalene found the tomb empty and went to tell the disciples.  Peter and John found the tomb empty as well.  Mary returned and stood outside weeping.  No one knew Jesus was alive.

When Jesus calls her name, saying “Mary”, she recognizes Him through her tears.  In an instant she knows – He is alive!  Tears turn to joy!  Jesus calls her by name and instructs Mary to go and tell the disciples.  Mary is the messenger and she tells them that Jesus is alive.  There is resurrection after death.  What seemed lost has new life.

Jesus called Mary by name and He calls each of us by name.  His call is the same to us as it was to Mary: go forth and share the good news.  He is risen!  He is risen indeed!  Hallelujah!!

Scripture references: Psalm 118: 24 and John 20: 1-18

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Ordinary, Everyday

What is your reaction when you see someone helping another?  How are you affected when you read of how one made a difference in another’s life?  When we witness God’s love being shared in real and tangible ways, our hearts and souls are lifted up.

Throughout the Bible we see God at work in the world on behalf of His people.  In the New Testament Jesus’ ministry is all about being active in the lives of the people He meets.  We see over and over again what it looks like for God to love the people of this world.

God often chose the unlikely to be His agent of change in the world.  Jesus continued this pattern when he called the disciples.  Ordinary, everyday people have always been a part of our story of faith.  Those who have been called have risen up and done great things for God, not because of their intelligence, position, or speaking ability but because they all came with a willing, loving heart.

As we witness God’s love continuing to make a difference in our world, may we too be drawn to allow others to glimpse God through us.  God calls us all to be a part of building His kingdom.  He continues to call ordinary, everyday people to shine His light and to share His love.  Can you hear Him calling?

Scripture reference: Psalm 111