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All the Days

Reading: Psalm 27: 1-4

David begins by declaring that the Lord is his light and salvation, his stronghold.  He twice asks, ‘whom shall I fear?’  In David’s opening lines, there is an offering from God that we too can claim.  The God of David who offered him light, salvation, and strength is our God as well.  When we choose to claim these offerings as well, we too may ask: whom shall I fear?

Life will bring us challenges and issues that we all have to face or work through.  As followers of Christ, though, we go about this not from an earthly perspective but from an eternal one.  When we know that God is our salvation and that our lifetime here is just preparation for eternity, then our trials here bear much less weight.

We also do not walk alone.  In life’s lows, people we count as friends often rally around us.  If they are fellow believers, they also lift us up in prayer and seek God’s help or healing or intervention.  The Holy Spirit and Jesus also intercede on our behalf before the throne of God.  The Spirit and Jesus are always on our side, keeping us ever before God.  Even when our struggle is just within us and no one else knows our struggle, they are coming before God constantly on our behalf.

Today’s reading ends with a beautiful request.  David writes, “One thing I ask of the Lord, this is what I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life.”  David knew how important it is to have God as our focus, as our center, as our everything.  May we also live as David lived, always seeking God, always asking each day to dwell in the presence of God, our Lord and King.