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Just Ask

God desires to teach us wisdom and for us to know His truths.  He longs to cleanse us and wash away our sins.  A daily relationship with each of us is what He longs for.  But God will not force any of this upon us.  It must be our choice.

At times we may feel God is distant or is hard to connect to.  But He is always near and the Spirit is always present.  When we turn and seek God, He is instantly there.  And it is not because He is really fast.  I picture this kind of like and elementary school ‘dating’ relationship.  Boy follows along behind girl everywhere she goes and she acts like he is invisible.  Until that moment when she wants something and she turns around and he is right there.

God is concerned with our ‘inner being.’  He is always examining us and the Spirit is always trying to nudge us in the right direction.  But action and response only comes on our own accord.  We can be good at ignoring.  We can be good at putting off.  Yet when we are ready, God is right there.

When we say God to ‘cleanse me’, God instantly strips away the bad.  When we say ‘wash me’ our sins are suddenly gone.  When we say ‘yes’ to the Spirit our joy is restored and we are filled with a ‘clean heart’ and a ‘steadfast spirit.’  When we ask Him in and open the door of our hearts, life is good.  We walk with the Lord.  We just need to ask.

Scripture reference: Psalm 51: 6-12