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However He Comes

Reading: 2 Peter 1: 19-21

Peter begins by helping us remember the words of the prophets, words that draw us to Jesus and to God.  Prophets like Moses and Elijah, who he saw in the transfiguration, and prophets like Samuel and Isaiah – all men who spoke the word that God has placed in their mouths.  In his reference to light shining in the darkness, Peter draws in John the Baptist, another prophet who pointed people to the Messiah, just as all the Old Testament prophets ultimately do as well.  As modern day disciples of Jesus, this is our call as well: to draw others to the light, to the Messiah.

Sometimes we think of the light of Jesus as a slowly growing presence, a light that steadily bathes one in His encompassing love.  This love gradually progresses in an ever-deepening relationship with Jesus.  This is often the norm for those raised in the church.  They would say they have always known Jesus.  But this is not the pattern for all believers.

In the original Hebrew, the word we have translated as dawn has a more piercing, more sudden connotation to it.  Think of turning on a bright flashlight after spending several moments in a dark cave.  The light is sudden.  It is sharp.  The light pierces through.  Some are experience Jesus this way.  Life is as it has always been.  Then all of a sudden, Jesus comes charging in, taking center stage in their life.  

Jesus can enter in a similar way for believers as well.  We go along as always.  Then suddenly Jesus bursts into our daily routine unexpectedly.  Maybe it is a sudden revelation of a truth as we pray or study our Bible.  Maybe it is in a surprising conviction we suddenly feel.  Maybe it is in an urge or nudge we feel to reach out to someone.  Or maybe it is an experience like Peter, James, and John had, up on the mountain top.  This day, may we be open to the presence of our living Savior, however He may come today.

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Shining the Light

Isaiah begins the passage today by declaring that he will not be silent.  Instead he will continue to speak until “righteousness shines out like the dawn”.  Each morning as the sun rises at dawn, the light slowly creeps forth and it lights up everything.  All is illuminated.  Isaiah claims his role to continue to speak out so that all will know salvation.

Jesus again spoke out to proclaim this same message of salvation for all people.  Everywhere He went and to all He spoke with, Jesus exemplified this same righteousness shining out like the dawn.  To all He ministered to Jesus was love and kindness and mercy.  He offered an alternative to the things people were struggling with.  Jesus offered a new way to live, a way that gave freedom from sin and death.  His focus on God’s kingdom also lifted our eyes off of all these earthly trappings.

Jesus called us too to be the light that is always shining out into the world.  He called us to be the same righteousness that brings light to all around it.  And He does not want us to ever be silent until all come to know the light.  Here is where the struggle begins.  There is so much that can distract us and cause our light to not always be shining out.

Do we remember when we first fell in love with God?  Do we remember how it consumed us?  For some that passion slowly dies away as it is not fed on a regular, steady basis.  For some life grows to be so busy as we allow work, sports, and other activities, pursuits, interests, and responsibilities to take up our time, energy, or both.  God must be our first priority.  If He is not, we must stop the whirlwind and place God back at the center.  Carving out time with God every day has to be the starting point.  Time in prayer and the study of His Word will allow that light to shine out into all we do.  When we center our lives on Jesus, then His light in us will be like the dawn, shining out to bring light to all.  May Jesus be our all in all we do this day and every day.

Scripture reference: Isaiah 62: 1-5