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Walk the Path in Trust

Reading: Romans 8: 12-14

Verse Fourteen: “Those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons [and daughters] of God”.

Paul writes of the choice we have in life: follow the sinful nature and die or follow the Spirit of God and live. It sounds simple. It sounds black and white. It sounds like either/or. In reality, it is difficult, it is grey, it is both/and. This battle of good and evil is a perpetual battle. But take hope, Jesus has overcome the world.

If you were to find the straighest, longest road in your town or city and were to attempt to drive right down the middle, you would ultimately fail. You see the path before you and you may begin exactly in the middle, but soon enough you steer a little to the left and a bit later a little to the right. You might even cross over the line on the side and hit those little vrrp-vrrp strips that remind you that you are drifting.

Such is our walk of faith. We can see the path set out before us by Jesus. We can see that the way is hard and narrow. Our intent is to fully walk right down the middle – right in Jesus’ footsteps. But at times we find His stride outpaces ours or that His footprints are just too big for us in that moment. Other times we are looking around and our focus drifts to other things. We look back to the narrow way and it is over there. Whether we fall behind or can’t quite bring ourselves to what the Spirit is calling us to or whether we get off track, when we look back to the path there is Jesus, holding out His hand, beckoning us back.

If you are seeking the path, Jesus calls out, saying, “Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden”. If you are trying to walk the path, but the road is hard, take hope. You do not walk alone, trust in the Holy Spirit. From experience, it does get easier but it never becomess easy. But with God all things are possible. Trust in the Lord, seek to walk in His ways, and allow the Holy Spirit to lead. You will come to walk in God’s love and grace and peace. May it be so today. Amen.

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Living in the Grey

In the beginning God created both the light and the dark.  He separated them into two distinct things.  Yet in between we find a grey area.

As I sit and look out the window at a beautiful sunrise, I can sense God in it.  In our way of categorizing things, we often attribute light to goodness.  For example, “Jesus is the light of the world.”  Conversely, when there is no light, we see darkness as evil or bad.

Before I go to sleep, I can step out onto the deck and see all of the stars.  Yet in the dark of night, I too can see God’s presence.  The vastness of creation reveals a bit about God.

And where do we fit the ‘grey’ areas – the early morning just before sunrise – it is light or dark?  At the end of the day as the shadows grow long – is it yet day or has it become night?

I often live life in this grey.  Not humbled or broken enough to be in the dark, knowing my full reliance on God.  Yet sometimes so in the presence during prayer or worship that I barely know I exist.  Mostly though, I live between these two extremes of light and dark, struggling to yield control of my life, not quite trusting all the way, being lukewarm.  Lord, draw me to you, that I may be fully yours all of the time.  Amen.