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Reading: Hebrews 11: 29-40

Verse 39: “These were all commended for their faith”.

Today we continue with the “Faith Hall of Fame” that we found last week in Hebrews 11. The people, both named and unnamed, are heroes of the faithful. Those we find in today’s reading are like those we read about last week in the first 28 verses of chapter eleven. Although on the list, the people on the list are not perfect examples of faith. Remember, for example, the Hebrews complained about ever leaving Egypt as Pharaoh’s army closed in on them in Exodus 14. And then God parted the sea and they walked through on dry land. Don’t forget about David either, who after living quite the blessed life and becoming king stooped to adultery, abuse of power, and murder.

Those in the Hall of Fame are not perfect. Much like you and me, they are rather imperfect people. Like us, their faith waivers at times. In general they are followers who desire to be faithful that stick close to a faithful God when life really presses in. Yes, Gideon doubted and Barak questioned God. Yes, Samson murdered innocents and Samuel failed miserably as a father. But these and all on the list were like David in one key way: they were people after God’s own heart. It was not in spite of their human weaknesses and failures, but rather because of them, that they pursued a relationship with God. They knew that their extraordinary God was faithful. Each stepped out and stepped up in faith. Because of that, “these were all commended for their faith”.

When I look in the mirror I too see imperfection. As I think about this past week – nevermind over the course of my lifetime – I see failures and sins. I am not without blemish. None of us are. But God is. And God is the one who can take imperfect vessels and can work amazing and awesome results. I can do all things with the one who strengthens me. So too can you. May we walk in faith today.

Prayer: Lord, my name will never be added to this list that I read in Hebrews 11. That is OK! Yet this I ask: use me as you will today. Then do the same tomorrow. And keep on going. Amen.

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Jesus is My Hero

Human heroes come in different shapes and sizes.  Heroes are admired for various reasons.  A big fan of science may admire Louis Pasteur or a big fan of rock and roll might really admire the Beatles.  But in my opinion, although great ou in their fields, they fall short of ‘hero’ status.  To some a Mother Teresa or an Anne Frank may be a hero, but may just be admired by most people.  A soldier who gives his life to save his fellow soldiers is a hero to many, and certainly to his fellow soldiers, but may not be a hero to all.

What qualities are required of our heroes?  Is it loyalty, courage, dedication, perseverance?  Maybe it is these qualities in some cases, other intangibles in different situations.

Would you put Jesus in the ‘hero’ category for you personally?  Most Christians would look at the life and teachings of Jesus, culminating in his death on the cross to pay the price for all of our sins followed by his resurrection, and look at Jesus as a hero.  The depth of his love and the sacrifice he made is courageous, extraordinary, and amazing. Jesus is my hero.

Heroes are often people others emulate.  If Jesus is your hero too, how will we emulate him today?  He calls us to love the world as he first loved the world.  Sounds like a great place to start!  Happy loving today!!!