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Yes, No, Maybe

Yes, no, and maybe.  Like all those questions we asked our parents, these too are the answers to the prayers we lift up to God.  The ‘yes’ answers tend to make us happy and draw us closer to God.  Often God is referred to as a loving father.  Jesus speaks often of how God the Father loves to give his children good things.

The ‘no’ answers have a finality much in the same way a solid no from our parents was usually the end of the discussion.  Sometimes we do not like to hear or be told ‘no’.  It can feel like we are not being loved or are being held back in some way.  Yet loving parents weigh the situation and the possible consequences and often choose to say no out of genuine love and care for us.  God operates much the same way.  He has a bigger picture in mind than our limited understanding can sometimes grapple with.

And then there are the ‘maybe’ answers.  Receiving no answer can be the hardest answer of them all.  To be left in limbo is hard.  Often we would rather have a ‘no’ than to be left hanging.  When we receive a maybe from our earthly parents, we ramp up the pleading of our case.  With our heavenly Father we do the same with our prayers.  We do not sit and wait well.

No matter what the answer, we must remember a few things.  First, God loves each of us deeply and unconditionally.  Second, God has a plan for our life and that plan is for our good, for us to prosper.  Third, God can be a mystery at times.  When we believe and live into the first two, we can more easily live with the third.  Through faith we come to trust our Father.

Scripture reference: Psalm 20