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The Gift of Life

In the realms of science and technology we are pretty advanced.  We can study a seed and learn the exact amounts of each component of the seed and ‘make’ an exact replica of the seed.  But when we place it in the ground, it does not sprout.  There is no life in the man-made seed.  Only the seeds created in nature by God have the mystery of life inside.

Life itself is a mystery.  By it we are drawn to God.  How life is created is just one of the mysteries of God.  All of this points to the kingdom of God.  Jesus Christ is the seed of this kingdom.  It was planted in Mary and grew to be our example of how to love God with all we are and to love our neighbors as ourselves.  Through Jesus’ death and resurrection we witness another mystery of God and have the promise of new life, of life eternal.

Christ dwelling in us and through our words, actions, and deeds is the continuing sign that the kingdom of God is alive and growing.  We live as the light of the world, shining our faith in God and Jesus out into the world.  Through this they are offered life and eternal hope.

Today many will gather in worship.  A big part of this is to offer our praise and thanksgiving for the gift of eternal life that we have in Christ.  Each day as we go out into the fields of life, may we live each day as an act of worship as well, sharing this amazing and wonderful gift with all who cross our paths.

Scripture reference: Mark 4: 26-34

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Mysteries of God

In the vision shared in Isaiah 6 we find ourselves in the presence of God.  The imagery here is hard to wrap our minds around.  There are winged creatures, the foundations tremble at their voice, and the hem of God’s robe is so immense that it fills the space.

Although it is impossible to understand all of God, it is a good thing that God is so big and powerful that we cannot fully understand Him.  A god small enough for our human minds to fully comprehend would be a small god.  So like Isaiah’s inability to fully describe the vision God placed before him, we too struggle to completely describe God.  This is part of God’s mystery.

In pondering the vastness of God, we too see how limited we are.  We see clearly that we are human, prone to sin and failure on occasion.  As His creatures we are also prone to love, to forgive, to care for one another.  In following the example set by Christ, we come to know the Father a bit better, to understand God a little more.

There are, however, things we will never know.  There are questions that will never be answered.  There will always be aspects of God that we do not understand fully.  One of these great mysteries is His grace.  I do not understand how God can forgive my sins over and over and over but I am surely very grateful that His love is that big.  Living with this blessing of God is also a mystery beyond words.  All I can say is thanks be to God!

Scripture reference: Isaiah 6: 1-7