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Child of God

In our land of abundance, it can be easy to link our happiness to what we have or to what our job title is.  These things can too easily define us and our happiness  rises and falls with our relative perception of these criteria.  The more one ties their identity to possessions and titles, the further they move from their true identity.

When one identifies as a child of God first and foremost, our identity is secure no matter what physical or emotional changes come our way.  Our relationship with God always remains secure because His love never changes or fails.  No matter what things we have or what title we have, His love and presence in our lives does not change one bit.  And no matter what we say or do, He always seeks to remain in relationship with us.  When ‘child of God’ is our bedrock identity this world holds little sway over us.

At times I marvel at the faith of people living daily in conditions of poverty, violence, disease, and injustice.  The world they live in seems to offer so little hope or the chance at a better life.  Yet daily they exhibit hope through a solid faith in God.  They have allowed God’s joy to overcome the adversity that they face on a daily basis.  They live content in His love.

Living as a child of God draws us to this same place of love and contentment and trust.  Giving it all to God allows us to live in and experience His joy as well.  Life is not then about the here and now only, but also about our eternal life.  When we see and live as a child of God, we truly begin to store up treasures in heaven because that is where our heart is.  This is a treasure nothing on this earth can destroy or steal.  As the things of this world lessen, the things of His kingdom increase.  May we each walk this day as a child of God, living and trusting in Him.

Scripture reference: Matthew 6: 16-21