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Pure Love

Only God loves us purely.  Only God meets all our needs joyfully.  Only God wants the very best for us.  Only in His promises do we find forgiveness, peace, hope, and contentment.  Only through God’s selfless love.

For us, this should be the love we return and share with others.  But we lose focus on our true love.  Our eyes and our heart drift.  Soon we look to the world instead.  Our wants draw us to work more for the newer thing or the greater want.  Our pursuit of worldly pleasures leaves us hungry for more.  Our new position only drives us to seek a higher one with more power.  Back to work!

Like the Israelites we think this new ‘king’ is just what we need.  Sometimes we lose sight of our true King.  Often, those ‘kings’ we pursue don’t turn our so royal or altruistic.  What we see as a king can enslave us and trap us and make us see life and our priorities from an ungodly perspective.  We find ourselves always on the treadmill, always saying “just a little more”, but it never is enough.

Only God loves us purely.  One significant or tragic event or life change and we wonder how we got to where we are.  We question why the world seemed do important when all the really matters is God and His love.  But we don’t need to get there.  We can stop and anytime and focus back in on God.  Focus in on the only one whole loves us purely.  We are God’s priority; may He be ours as well.

Scripture reference: 1 Samuel 8: 10-20