Thoughts and musings on faith and our mighty God!

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Reading: 2 Kings 2: 1-2 and 6-14

In many of our relationships we feel as if we can ask for things at times.  As our relationship deepens, we feel that the level of our request can rise.  For the best of friends, one will often do whatever they can for the other.

Elijah has mentored Elisha and the time for Elijah to pass on has come.  Elisha has been prepared to take on the role of prophet of Israel.  The bond and relationship the two have developed is deep.  In response to Elijah’s “any last requests” question, Elisha asks for a double portion of his spirit.  It is much to ask for.  It is also something Elijah himself cannot give or grant.  But the request is not out of bounds.  He is asking to be blessed in what he has been prepared for.

From time to time we may request something of a close friend or maybe from a parent or spouse.  And sometimes the request is something they cannot grant or is something beyond their control.  Oh they wish they could but it is something beyond them.  At times we are on the receiving end of such a request.

In these cases all we can do is to turn it over to God in prayer.   We must recognize our limited ability to fulfill the request and allow it to be turned over to God.  God is good and desires to provide for us.  May we, like Elijah, trust in His goodness and go in assurance as we petition our Lord.

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At the Start

Reading: Psalm 5: 1-8

The psalmist writes, “in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation”.  What a beautiful thought this is!  The psalmist has found value in beginning the day with God.  We are promised that His mercies are new every morning as well.  Each day we can come to God, beginning each day with a clean slate, and can invite God to be a part of our day.

It is important to thank God for His blessings of the day before.  To consciously thank God for each blessing prepares us to expect them again in the day ahead.  It also places us in the proper, humbled place.  We must also spend time confessing our sins before God.  It is so important to re-establish a right relationship with God each morning.  This act also serves to remind us of our dependence on God and of our inability to succeed on our own.

Then we can come to God and lay out requests down before Him.  We can look ahead into our day and week and we can invite God into those events and situations that we need guidance and direction on and into those things that bring us fear and worry.  Again, we are calling on God to enter into our weakness and to be our strength.  We are calling on He who can do all we cannot.

In inviting God into our day and seeking His presence in the day, we begin our day well.  We lay the groundwork to experience God throughout the day.  In admitting our need each day for Him, we elevate God and place ourselves in our proper place of humble servant.  Lord, may all that we are and all that we will be this day depend on You.  May we live this day with You as Lord and Savior, guide and friend.